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ASiT Future Leaders Programme Fellowship

Applications Now Closed for 2023

ASiT is delighted to offer a fantastic opportunity for senior surgical trainees to help develop their leadership and management skills via an exciting collaboration with the Future Leaders Programme (FLP). FLP is a 12-month blended learning programme supporting surgeons by quipping them with the advanced leadership skills needed to excel. More information about the programme can be found here.

The desired candidate will be an ASiT member with a track record of previous experience in management and leadership activities. If selected, ASiT will fund the entire cost of the programme (£3710) for the successful candidate. As part of this fellowship, the successful candidate will work with ASiT on an exciting project to help ASiT develop leadership in surgical training.

Eligibility criteria



Selection process:

As part of the application process, the applicant will be expected to provide 300-word briefs on why they should be selected for the programme and how they will maximise the opportunities provided by the Future Leaders Programme. All applications will be anonymised and reviewed by the ASiT executive, and the successful candidate will be informed of the decision and enrolled in the FLP.

Application form

Terms and conditions

Funding available for course only. Any project costs/courses not directly affiliated with ASiT business are not covered by the fellowship.

Proposed projects as follows: 

Successful applicants will have the option to choose between the following two ASiT projects to contribute to. This will be alongside their own personal project as part of the FLP. If you would like to discuss the following projects further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

  1. Work with the ASiT Executive and Council to develop a successful one day course looking at securing a consultant job (P4Consultancy):
    • Develop a core cohort of consultants, fellows and industry partners across surgical specialties
    • Sustainable and adaptable programme
    • Key skills required to bridge the gap between trainee and consultant 


  2. Development of a surgical leadership programme for members of ASiT:
    • Develop a structure for the programme along with recruiting faculty and development of material
    • Impart the following skills to future surgeons:
      1. Communications
      2. Management
      3. Negotiations
      4. Innovation
      5. Team-player 
    • Enable members to successfully advocate for training issues and represent their colleagues across various fora; 

Any queries, please contact: