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Essential Anatomy for Surgeons 13th September 2024

The 9th @ASiTofficial education event 'Essential Anatomy for Surgeons', hosted by the Human Anatomy Resource Centre at the University of Liverpool on the 13th September 2024.

Human Anatomy Resource Centre, University of Liverpool, The New Medical School, Ashton Street, Liverpool, L69 3GE

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An opportunity to study with an extensive collection of well-presented prosections for an entire day! Anatomy facilitators by your side to assist you.


08:30-09:15 – Registration and refreshments
09:15-13:00 – Prosection study
13:00-13:45 – Lunch (delegates to provide their own)
13:45-16:40 – Prosection study

Station content to have prosections and models on the following topics: 

Head and Neck
Brain and Spinal Cord (including Vertebral Column) 
Upper Limb (Shoulder and Brachial Plexus)
Upper Limb (Elbow, Forearm and Hand).
Lower Limb (Thigh and Gluteal region)
Lower Limb (Knee, Leg and Foot)

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