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Cost of Surgical Training (CoST) Report - Non-Financial

The first of two reports analysing trainee reported 'costs' of surgical training.


Cost of Surgical Training (CoST) Report - Non-Financial

⚡️Ever wondered what is the Non-Financial Cost of Surgical Training? ASiT’s new report is out!

Out of 459 UK surgical trainees that responded to the survey...:

  • ❗️76.8% of them reported that surgical training has a negative impact on their physical health
  • 〽️ 84.3% that it has a negative impact on their mental health
  • ⚠️ Staffing levels, rotational training and rota pattern have a negative impact on trainees’ quality of life
    • The majority of them report that surgical training negatively affects their romantic relationships (81.5%) and relationships with family (77.0%) and friends (82.0%)
    • The majority of them have often missed important family events due to clinical (89.3%) and non-clinical commitments (62.2%) related to career progression
    • Half of them reported they are considering practising in another country due to the non-financial cost of surgical training

🔥 ASiT’s recommendations consensus on 'Uncertainty about the future':

  1. Notice of a minimum of 1 yr for any changes to a recruitment process
  2. Assignment of a base hospital for trainees, from which rotations must not be over a 60 min commute
  3. Assignment of higher specialty trainee rotations in 2 blocks at time of offer acceptance for ST3-ST5 and review and assignment at ST6-ST8

🔥 ASiT’s recommendations consensus on 'Poor work life balance':

  1. Mandatory self-development time incorporated into all core and higher specialty trainee rotas
  2. Trainees requesting annual or study leave with >6 weeks notice should be accepted regardless of assigned duties (e.g. on-calls)
  3. Free accommodation and food available for overnight workers

🔥 ASiT’s recommendations consensus on 'Negative working culture':

  1. Trusts to be fined for not providing a rota within minimum time guidance
  2. Trusts to be fined for unfilled rota gaps
  3. There should be an exit interview by an external, independent reviewer following each placeme an external, independent reviewer following each placement

This is the first of two reports summarising the survey findings and focuses on the non-financial costs of surgical training. A second report focusing on the financial costs of surgical training will be published soon.

Download the Non- Financial Cost of Surgical Training Report Appendix 1Appendix 2-5


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